Minerals& Metallurgy! steel casing pipe, pipe for gas and oil, oil well

Minerals Metallurgy Steel Casing Pipe Pipe
  • Seller Chengdu Derbo Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Ton/Tons steel casing pipe, pipe casing for gas and oil, oil well casing
  • FOB Price US $850-1500 /Ton

Item Details

Port: Xingang Port/Shanghai Port
Supply Ability: 10000 Ton/Tons per Month steel casing pipe, pipe casing for gas and oil, oil well casing
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Product Description

Minerals& Metallurgy! steel casing pipe, pipe casing for gas and oil, oil well casing pipe

  • steel casing pipe

  • oil well casing pipe

  • steel well casing pipe

Product Description

Standard API 5CT/ ISO11960
Grade Group.1 H40/PSL.1, J55/PSL.1, J55/PSL.2, J55/PSL.3, K55/PSL.1, K55/PSL.2, K55/PSL.3,
N80(1)/PSL.1, N80(1)/PSL.2, N80(Q)/PSL.1, N80(Q)/PSL.2, N80(Q)/PSL.3

M65/PSL.1, M65/PSL.3, L80/PSL.2, L80(1)/PSL.1, L80(1)/PSL.3, L80(9Cr)/PSL.1, L80(13Cr)/PSL.1,

C90/PSL.1, C90/PSL.2, C90/PSL.3, T95/PSL.1, T95/PSL.2T95/PSL.3

Group.3 P110/PSL.1, P110/PSL.2, P110/PSL.3,
Group.4 Q125/PSL.1, Q125/PSL.2, Q125/PSL.3,
Minimum Order 30 Ton
OD Tubing 1.66 inch to 4 1/2 inch or 42.16mm to 114.3mm
Casing 4 1/2 inch to 20 inch or 114.3mm to 508mm
Wall Thickness According to API 5CT Standard
Length Tubing R1 (6.10m to 7.32m), R2 (8.53m to 9.75m), R3 (11.58m to 12.80m)
Casing R1 (4.88m to 7.62m), R2 (7.62m to 10.36m), R3 (10.36m to 14.63m)
Type Seamless
End-Finish Tubing P, I, N, U
Casing P, S, B, L
Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Grade Threaded Length
in mm kg/m lb/ft
4 1/2" 114.3 14.14-22.47 9.50-11.50 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
5" 127 17.11-35.86 11.50-24.10 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
5 1/2" 139.7 20.83-34.23 14.00-23.00 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
6 5/8" 168.28 29.76-35.72 20.00-24.00 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
7" 177.8 25.30-56.55 17.00-38.00 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
7 5/8" 193.68 35.72-63.69 24.00-42.80 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
8 5/8" 219.08 35.72-72.92 24.00-49.00 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
9 5/8" 244.48 48.07-86.91 32.30-58.40 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
10 3/4" 273.05 48.73-97.77 32.75-65.70 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
11 3/4" 298.45 62.50-89.29 42.00-60.00 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
13 3/8" 339.72 71.43-107.15 48.00-72.00 J55/N80/P110/K55 LTC/STC/BTC R1/R2/R3
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