Electrical equipment supplies 1A 1000v dc power supply

Electrical Equipment Supplies 1A 1000v Dc
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  • Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces
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Port: Guangzhou
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month 1A 1000v dc power supply
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electrical equipment supplies 1A 1000v dc power supply

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electrical equipment supplies 1A 1000v dc power supply

Test Item

Performance Parameter



AC wide input

1phase AC220V±15% 50/60Hz

Output range

Constant voltage 0~1000V (or appointed) variable/adjustable
Constant current 0~1A (or appointed ) variable/adjustable


Max 1000W

Source Voltage Regulation

constant voltage ≤0.2%

Load Regulation

constant voltage ≤1%; constant current≤2%

Line regulation:

constant voltage ≤0.3%

Ripple Voltage

total ripple Vpp≤2% (max voltage)(60V*2%=1.2V)
100Hz Ripple: Vpp≤0.5%(max voltage)(60V*0.5%=0.3V)

Operation Environment temperature




Digital meter

voltage meter and current meter

Digital display

Precision of output voltage±1.5%
Precision of output current±2.0%

Insulating resistance


Input— Shell:≥20MΩ


Insulating Strength


Input— Shell:AC1500V,10mA,1minute


Imbalance of equalized current



Temperature control fan, over-temperature automatic protection; output overvoltage, over-current and short-circuit protection; switch-on delay soft starting can avoid the over swung output voltage when switching on.

over-temperature protection




External dimension


Net Weight


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electrical equipment supplies 1A 1000v dc power supply

Adjustable FAQ

Question: What is your model definition for adjustable dc power supply





XXX: max output voltage: 3 digits or 2 digits, Unit: V

YYY: max output current: 3 digits or 2 digits, Unit: A

Question :What fileds does the adjustable power supply mainly used?

Answer: It is widely used in electric power dc screen system, engineering control, communication,

scientific research, battery, agriculture and other equipment.

Question :What kind of power supply modules does the adjustable power supply consist of ?


1. Transformer, rectifier module, filter and regulator circuit.

2. With transformer to make power grid voltage transformer, the rectifier circuit is used with unidirectional

conductivity of rectifying element to make alternate sinusoidal ac voltage ripple voltage of the rectifier

become single direction. Filter is used as much as possible filter out the ripple component of unidirectional

voltage ripple, get a more smooth dc voltage.The regulating circuit is to take some measures to make the

output dc voltage remained stable in power grid voltage or load current changes.

Question:Can you customize the double channel output or the multi-channels output?


1. For now, we Yucoo can only make the double output, and the unit price will be 150USD more than the

same model that come put with one channel, and size will be also different.

2. Please come to the sales ask for more information.

Question: Can you make the power supply with stable output?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can you add PFC function?

Answer: The Yucoo power supply comes with the PFC function.

Question:Can I changed the larger capacity transformer to improve the capacity of the power supply

when I found the model I had bought is too small to start my load?

Answer: Yes, For example

You had YKAD1280 with 12vdc 80a dc power supply, but you need 15VDC 80A finally. Firstly, we suggest

you buy the transformer from Yucoo, and you have to make sure that your engineer can make this well,

if not, the original power supply may damaged. And one more ware notice, please do tell your whole

application to the sales before you make order, make sure the model is ok for you.

Question : What is the main problem when start up the dc power supply and CC Indicator ON >

Answer:The following situations may lead to a cross-flow, etc. CC panel light up

1. When start up the dc power supply and did not connect with load , the CC indicator ON

2. The current potentiometer had adjust to the minimum

3. The machine broke down

4. The potentiometer cable loose

5. Circuit Fault

Question: If the end user CITY Power is 240VAC+/-15% but our power supply design is 220VAC+/-15%,

does it still can working well ?


1. In usually , it still can working well

2. As our power supply support work at 240-250VAC all the time

3. But if the power more than 240-250VAC and running all the time , the power supply will be broken soon

4. The solution is add over or lower voltage protect function on the input of power supply

Question : Does the power supply will be test in full load before shipping ?

Answer: Yes

1.The statement about all of our adjustable dc power supply have all been full load and 50% load were

aging before shipping for 2-8 hours

2. If the power more than 3000w, the ageing time will be more longer , about 12-15hours

Question : Does Positive and negative output can switch in auto or manual? If yes, what is the Switching

interval time ? is it control by a switch or by time relay ?


1. It is control by time relay in auto

2. The buyer should be confirm to us before purchase for how long you want to switch

3. For example, if you want to switch Positive and negative output 1s. then we can set it before factory

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electrical equipment supplies 1A 1000v dc power supply

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