Multi Span Agricultural Glass Greenhouse

Multi Span Agricultural Glass Greenhouse
  • Seller Shandong Sinobeacon Machinery Ltd.
  • Min. Order 500 Square Meter/Square Meters
  • FOB Price US $20-90 /Square Meter

Item Details

Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: 300000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Year
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Cash

Product Description

Product Description

Greenhouse Abstract

A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse, or, if with sufficient heating, a hothouse) is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. The interior of a greenhouse exposed to sunlight becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting its contents in cold weather.
Many commercial glass greenhouses or hothouses are high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth.

Glass Greenhouse Abstract

Glass greenhouse is a type of greenhouse covered by glass as lighting materials, which belongs to a kind of greenhouse and in cultivation facility, the glass greenhouse has the longest life, which is suitable for use in a variety of areas, and all kinds of climate conditions. In the greenhouse industry, according to the size of the span and width, it is divided into many construction types, and with different using ways, it is divided into: vegetables glass greenhouse, flowers glass greenhouse, seedling greenhouse glass, glass ecological greenhouse, research glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, special-shaped glass greenhouse, sightseeing glass greenhouse, intelligent glass greenhouse and so on. Greenhouse owners are free to deploy in the area and the way of use. The minimum one is garden greenhouse and the maximum one has the height of up to 10 meters, span of up to 16 meters, width up to 10 meters, and the intelligent degree may achieve a key control. The winter heating system of glass greenhouse can be used in many ways.

Glass Greenhouse Application

1. planting vegetable, for example, tomato, cucumber, peper, chilli, leaf vegetable, etc.

2. planting flower.

3. planting fruits.

4. soilless culture.

5. agriculture trial.

6. as restaurant

7. for sightseeing

including or not
steel structure
hot-galvanized steel
roof cover
single fiber glass /film/polycarbonate sheet; glass thickness 5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm
choose according to the clients requirements
sides cover
one/two/three/four side/sides covered hollow glass and the other sides covered film or polycarbonate; hollow glass thickness: 5+8+5mm, 5+9+5mm,4+8+4mm, 4+9+4mm
choose according to the clients requirements
outer sunshade system
sunshade net has different light transmission, 75%, 50%, 30%, 10%, 0%
choose according to the clients requirements
inner sunshade system
inner shade net has different light transmission, 75%, 50%, 30%, 10%, 0%
choose according to the clients requirements
inner warming curtain
it can keep warm inside in night and in winter.
choose according to the clients requirements
cooling system
it consists of cooling fans and cooling pad
choose according to the clients requirements
heating system
1.boiler warming: boiler and water warming blower. the bolier type has gas boiler, coal boiler, oil boiler and biofule boiler, and gas/oil boiler
2. electric warming: only has electric warming blower
choose according to the clients requirements
drainage system
gutter size is δ=135×135×130×2.5mm. The max raindrop discharge is 120mm/h. The gutter discharge grade is 5‰, and the raindrop pipe is PVC, diameter 110mm
ventilation system
roof window and side windows and cooling fans
choose according to the clients requirements
irrigation and fertilization system
drop irrigation or spray irrigation
choose according to the clients requirements
control system
semi-auto-control or intelligent control
choose according to the clients requirements
light compensating system
usually choose high - pressure sodium lamp, or you can use LED lamp
choose according to the clients requirements
seadling bed system
used for seadling
choose according to the clients requirements
soilless culture
we can supply the equipment for soiless culture
choose according to the clients requirements
the other equipment
If you need the other equipment or planting material, please reply to us.
choose according to the clients requirements
Clients Visiting
Detailed Images

Steel Structure

Steel structure material is high quality carbon steel which is accordance with national standard. Steel parts and fasteners are processed according to “GB/T1912-2002 Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Hot-galvanized Layer for Metal Coating Steel Production”. Inside and outside hot galvanized steel should meet the national standard (GB/T3091-93) requirements of quality products. Galvanized layer should have thickness uniformity, no burr, and the galvanized layer thickness is not less than 60um.

Cover material

Name: hollow glass
Thickness: 4/5+8/9+4/5mm
A. Intensity improved: toughened glass, mechanical strength, impact resistance and bending strength can reach four to five times of common glass.
B. Heat stability improved: tempered glass can withstand the large temperature difference, not damaged.
C. Security improved: after high strength damage, toughened glass turn into tiny particles, maximizing the personal safety.

Outer Sunshade System

In the summer when indoor temperature rise to a certain value, it can reflect a part of the sun and diffuse sunshine into the greenhouse according to the different shading rate, achieving the purpose of cooling temperature. Close sunshade screen, at the same time the greenhouse temperature drop 4 ~ 6℃, reduce temperature in the greenhouse. By choosing different shading rate curtain, it can meet the sunshine demand of different crops.

Inner Sunshade&Warming System

This system is installing inner sunshade net in the greenhouse.In summer, it can reduce the inner temperature, and in winter and in night, it can prevent the heat running off. It has two types, ventilation type and thermal insulation type.

Cooling System

cooling system can decrease the temperature according to the principle of evaporation of water for cooling. System has high-quality wetting pads and the fans with big wind.
The core of cooling system is the wetting pads, which can evaporate water, is made of corrugated fiber is corrosion resistant and has long working life, because the raw material is added to a special chemical composition. The special wetting pads can ensure the water wets whole wall of wetting pads. When the air goes through the pads, the exchange of water and air on the surface of pads can change the hot air into cool air, then it can humidify and cool the air.

Heating system

Heating system has two types, one type is using the boiler to provide heat, and another uses of electric. Boiler fuel can choose coal, oil, gas and bio fuels. Boilers need laying of pipelines and water warming blower to heat. If use electricity, you need electric warm air blower to heat.

Ventilation system

Greenhouse ventilation system is divided into two kinds, natural and forced ventilation. Glass greenhouse natural ventilation is opening staggered windows on the roof. Film greenhouse use the method of rolling film on both sides to ventilate. Forced ventilation is achieved through installing blowers. In general, we install the cooling system of fans and cooling pad.

Light Compensating System

Greenhouse compensating light, also called plants light, is a required light of supplying light to the plants for growing and developing, instead of sunlight according to the natural law of plant growth and the principle of plants using sunlight for photosynthesis. At this moment most of farmers use high pressure sodium lamp and LED lamp.

Irrigation System

We supply two types of irrigation system, drop irrigation system and spray irrigation system. So you can choose the best one for your greenhouse.

Nursery Bed System

Nursery bed has Fixed bed and movable bed. Movable nursery bed specifications: seedbed standard height 0.75m, can be adjustable a little. Standard width 1.65m, can be changed according to the width of the greenhouse, and length can be customized according to the user requirements; movable bed grid 130 mm x 30 mm (length x width), hot dip galvanized material, high corrosion resistance, good load-bearing capacity, long service life. Specifications for the fixed bed: length 16m, 1.4m wide, height 0.75m, fixed bed area is 179.2 squire meters.

Control System

Greenhouse control system is generally composed of control cabinet, sensors and circuits, which can be realized semi automatic control. You can also use the computer to intelligently control the greenhouse systems through installing networking.

Substrate Culture

Substrate cultivation is the largest method in soilless cultivation. It fixes crop in organic or inorganic substrate, by method of dripping or trickle irrigation, and supplies crops nutrient solution. Culture substrate can be filled into a plastic bag, or laid in the cultivation channels or grooves. Substrate culture nutrient solution is not circulating, known as opening system, which can avoid the spread of disease through the circulation of nutrient solution.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.

* Sample testing support.

* View our Factory.

* Design.

After-Sales Service

* Installation of greenhouse

* Warranty period 5-10years

* supply parts of greenhouse and planting

* supply agriculture planting technology

Packing & Delivery


All the steel material is nude packing.

motor and electric machines are put in carton.

small steel parts are put in bag.

Glass is put in iron frame.

1. How long is the delivery time?
According to your greenhouse size and system, the delivery time is usually 10-60days.
2. How long is the warranty period?
Different parts have different warranty, usually the electric machine guarantee 1 year, the steel structure 5years, glass 1 year, sunshade net 2-3years, etc.
3. Is your compay foreign trade company or manufacturer?
we are manufacturer.
4. Can you supply sample?
Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express.
5. Can your company supply greenhouse design?
Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plan after deposit. And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.
6. How to intall greenhouse
First we prepare the material and export.
After your customs clearing, we send 2-4 engineers or all workers to guide to install.
If you want to save money, we only send engineers, and you match local workers. If you think it is hard to do, we also can send engineers and workers to install for you.
7. When installing, what cost should we pay?
our engineers and workers visas and round-trip tickets, their foods and accommodation, their communication

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