Solvent Based Rubber Asphalt Plastic Spray Paint Waterproof

Solvent Based Rubber Asphalt Plastic Spray
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Port: Shenzhen port
Supply Ability: 2 Ton/Tons per Day
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

Product Description

Product Description

Solvent-based Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coating


Solvent-based rubber asphalt waterproof coating is used high quality asphalt as raw material, and polymer rubber as modifier, dissolved by solvent, so as to make it to be a delicate, black, viscous liquid waterproof coating.


1.No flowing in high temperature,no cracking in low temperature, and good adaptability;

2.The product has good adhesive property,crack resistance,excellent flexibility;

3. Good acid and alkali resistance, durable for chemical corrosion, anti-mildew,adapt to various weather condition;

4.Fast curing speed, can be at applied at room temperature and low temperature,easy tooperate;

<![if !supportLists]>5.<![endif]>The products do not contain benzene and other toxic solvents.

Where to use

1.Applicable to the general construction of the roof,and toilet,bath room, kitchen, and other projects’ waterproof;

2. Apply to roof, basement, wall and other moisture;

3. Can be used for all kinds of pipe, concrete surface against corrosion.

How to use

Key Points of Construction

1/ Requirements of substrate: the substrate should not be drenched by the rain over 48 hours, otherwise it must be dried for more than 48 hours before construction.

2/ treatment: Substrate must be clean, dry and solid, defects should be repaired in advance.

3/ Detail treatment: Brush internal and external corners and pipes with the coating first, then paving reinforcing layer (fiberglass fabric, non-woven fabric and so on). The reinforcing layer must be soaked completely by the coating.

4/ Scratch construction: scratch coating on substrate evenly. Each time interval for scratching subject to former layer coating are non hand sticky. Generally, substrate should be scratched 2 or 3 times, the direction of former and latter are vertical.

Technical sheet

Implemented Standard: JC/T852-1999



First choice

Qualified products

External looking

Delicate, black, viscous liquid

Solid content % ≥


Breakage resistance

Base crack, mm



Coating status

No crack

Low temperature flexibility,2h



No crack, no break



Heat resistance,80℃,5h

No sliding, flowing, dripping

Impermeability, 0.2MPa, 30min


Loading process

R&D center




Recommend Usage

Usage for 1.0mm thickness coating is about 1.6kg/ m2

Storage and Shelf Life

It must be stored at cool and ventilated space. Keep away from fire and heat.

Shelf life: 12 months

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