Outdoor telecommunication equipment cabinet

Outdoor Telecommunication Equipment Cabinet
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Port: Shenzhen
Supply Ability: 800 Set/Sets per Month Outdoor telecommunication equipment cabinet
Payment Terms: T/T

Product Description

Outdoor telecommunication equipment cabinet

Product Overview:

1.Product Description:

Outdoor communication integrated cabinets adopt metal frame structure,the overall material is made of galvanized steel +EPS sandwich panel or galvanized steel plate +PEF insulation cotton.The thickness of PEF insulation is 20-40mm.
a) Cabinets have no artifacts which can remove from outside directly and influence the safety.
b) The power cabinets are made of 1.5mm thickness galvanized steel +45mm thickness EPS sandwich steel plate.
c) The equipment cabinets are made of galvanized steel +20-40mm thickness PEF insulating blanket ,outer plate thickness is 1.5mm,inner plate thickness is 1.0mm.
d) The equipment cabinets configure the 19 or 21 inch adjustable standard rack and 4pieces of “L” supporting article.
e) The equipment cabinet base height is 150-200mm,the base panel with thickness of 2.0mm galvanized steel,surrounded by flapper to prevent animal.

2.Technical parameters:



Technical indicator

Standard configuration



Internal dimensions



Doublelayer galvanized sheet+insulation
cotton/galvanized sheet+sandwich panel


20mm/40mm/45 mm sandwich panel

Maintenance method

With one front door

Assembling method


Frame size

19 inch frame+ battery laminated board



Operating temperature


Optional configuration

Compress air conditioner

AC220V cooling capacity:300W/500W /
1500W / 2000W
TEC air
DC48V cooling capacity:200W


DC48V heat exchange capacity: 80W/K / 130W/K /
150W/K / 190W/K

Switch power supply

DC power:DC48V60A / DC48V90A / DC48V120A / DC48V150A / DC48V200A

UPS power

UPS :1KW / 2KW / 3KW / 6KW / 10KW


AC distribution / DC distribution / AC-DC distribution

Dynamic environment monitoring

1U monitoring host include, (door, water,smoke,temperature and humidity sensor ,strike, mains supply outage)

3.Product detail:

3.1Door and limited device

(1) Cabinet door uses vertical hinged type door structure.

(2) The limited device which has limited effect when it is in the opening state.

(3) The limited device can activate limited effect automatically when the door open and undo the limited effect manually when the door close.

(4) The door opening angle is larger than 110°when achieve the greatest degree.

(5) Door and limited device after open/close 1000 times repeated operation still in good condition with no abrasion phenomenon.

(6) The limited device in the limited state can withstand the static load by22 m/s wind which caused by open closed the door , and still have no mechanical damage or function failure.

3.2Louver and filter design

At the louver of air outlet, the weld-thickness is 1 mm ,specifications for 16 stainless steel net , to prevent insect and rodent intrusion.In medial corrosion-resistant ventilation window into the dust-proof net component, dust-proof net thickness of the component is to 10 mm, specifications for 30 ppi filter,to let the filter in creasing type support network with crease type support network crease, to let the filter in the aluminum box are fixed.The dust-proof net adopts modular design, easy to maintain.

3.3Wiring design

(1)The feeder and other external cable at the bottom both adopts linear way.

(2)More standardized internal cabinet adopts linear way at the bottom.

(3)Keep AC line,DC line,signal line,ground wire apart,wiring and bounding separately;

(4)Cabinet design had a line at the bottom of the hole, the thread configuration aprons, cabinet pillar design had a line of holes and hole has been polished,no burr.

3.4Grounding protection

(1)Cabinets have set earth bar which adopt copper with anti-corrosion coating, the sectional area of the copper platoon was 50mm² ,and have reserved 10 appropriate to the size of the connecting screw hole and equipped with corresponding screw;

(2)Metal part of the cabinet interconnected to the earth bar, the connection between any two points is less than 0.1 Ω resistance ;

(3)The other devices of cabinets are connected to earth bar;

(4)In case all leads using national standard green and yellow cable, wire cross-sectional area is 4 was copper core;

3.5Door lock with anti-theft design

The anti-theft lock and door adopts three points to anti-theft.

4.Application fields

Integration of outdoor cabinet YQ series is mainly used for wireless communication base , stations, including a new generation of 3 G/ 4 G system, communication/network integrated services, access/transport exchange station,emergency communication/transmission, etc.

5..Application case

6.Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Wooden stand+Pearl cotton+Drawing film/Wooden pallet+Cartons/ (as customer's request)

Delivery Detail:according to different request ,we can choose to different transport way,but due to the weight and quantity of our product ,we also provide sea delivery.


Q1:Do you have any MOQ limit for order?

A:Small order is accepted.

Q2:Can i have my order for customization?

A:Yes,the products needed by customers are welcome to customized if there is a number.

Q3:Is it ok to print my LOGO on product?

A:Yes,please inform us formally our product and confirm the design firstly based on the sample.

Q4:Do you offer guarantee for product?

A:Yes,we offer one year warranty to our product.

Q5:What about the lead time?

A:A stock generally takes 3-7 days,but the exact time need to confirmed according to the quantity of order.

Q6:How to deal with the faulty?

A:Firstly,the products are produced in strict quality control system and the defiective rate will be less than 0.2%.

Secondly,during the guarantee period,for defiective batch products,we will discuss the solution including re-call according to the situation,repair them and resend them to you.If necessary,our technicians to the scene to provide technical support and after-sales service.

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