OEM apparel washing laundry soap powder manufacturer

OEM Apparel Washing Laundry Soap Powder
  • Seller Topseller Chemicals Company Ltd.
  • Min. Order 10 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
  • FOB Price US $300-700 /Metric Ton

Item Details

Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: 200000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Product Description

OEM apparel washing laundry soap powder manufacturer

1. Basic ingredients: ative matter, sodioum carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium silicate, etc.

2. Option ingredients: nonionic surfactant, essence, brightner, CMC, enzym, soap powder, speckle, foam booster, etc.

3. SUNNY/ SNOW/ BEAUTY own brand offering, as well as OEM/ODM service by top 10 laundry detergent suppliers in China.

Contact Info:

Ingrid Cao


Topseller Chemicals Co, ltd, covering 100,000 square meters and owning more than 600 workers, offers thousands of Laundry Detergent items to more than 70 countries since founded in 1990.

Sweet comfort fold protection as new
Extraordinary cleaning power: rich "quick clean factor" for a superior clean energy. Even if the direct machine washable, and without additional soaking and scrubbing, it can instantly dissolve, layers penetration depth clothing fibers, instantly disintegrate and remove 99 kinds of stains * clean * 3 times faster.
Pleasant fragrance: sweet cream specially spun gold in the removal of 99 kinds of stains at the same time, so that clothing distribute refreshing flavor, fragrance gives you the wonderful feeling of comfort.

Smart Foam: Foam intelligent optimization technology, easy to rinse, water and effort.
No residue: None alkaline particulate residue, no phosphorus, aluminum, safety and environmental protection

neutral pH: pH neutral, skin experts verified mild irritation.
International, diffused from the bag opening, washing to dry, whole process brings you unique fragrance, and make sure the clothes to dry after natural pleasant scent remains still.
Suitable for all kinds of fabrics: suitable for cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, blending all sorts of quality of a material such as clothing, the family clothing can be at ease use, white, white and bright as new.

we can make OEM service, package size can be from 30g per sachet to 1000kg per bulk bag

Package Style

General Package Size

Sachet package

Can make different package size as you want.

30g*120 bags/woven sack

30g*120 bags/carton

30g*150 bags/woven sack

30g*150 bags/carton

30g*360 bags/woven sack

35g*400 bags/woven sack

60g*150 bags/woven sack

100g*240 bags/wonve sack

110g*48 bags/wovne sack

125g*80 bags/woven sack

150g*100 bags/woven sack

Bag package

Can make different package size as you want.

200g*50 bags/woven sack

300g*20 bags/woven sack

500g*40 bags/woven sack

700g*12 bags/woven sack

880g *25 bags/woven sack

1kg* 20 bags/woven sack

2.5kg*10 bags/woven sack

3kg*5 bags/woven sack

5kg*3 bags/woven sack

10kg*2 bags/woven sack

Box & carton package

Can make different package size as you want.

200g*40 boxes/carton

380g*20 boxes/carton

500g*30 boxes/carton

1kg*12 boxes/carton

2kg*6 boxes/carton

3kg*4 boxes/carton

4.5kg*3 boxes/carton

Bulk package

Can make different package size as you want.

10kg/wovne sack

15kg/woven sack

20kg/woveon sack

25kg/woven sack

50kg/woven sack

500kg/woven sack

550g/woven sack

1000kg/woven sack

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