Large size agricultural greenhouse

Large Size Agricultural Greenhouse Greenhouse
  • Seller Shouguang Taiyuan Agriculture Technology & Development Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters
  • FOB Price US $7-45 /Square Meter

Item Details

Port: Qingdao, China
Supply Ability: 100000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T

Product Description

Product Description

Product Name: Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse

Introduction: Greenhouse as an advanced agriculture mode is more and more popular in world widely. More and more people invested much in the morden greenhouse to increase the harvest of crops. For this purpose, the greenhouse need to be confirgured with the advanced farming system to create the best condition for the growth of plant.

So, we must configure the following advanced system for the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse:

  1. The ventilation system forLarge size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse. No mater the multi-span glass/PC greenhouse or the multi-span film greenhouse or the arched tunnel greenhouse, the ventilation system must be configured as the important farming system. For the Venlo type greenhouse such as the multi-span glass greenhouse, the ventilation systems of gear and rack type are configured to the skylight and side windows. The film greenhouse of multi-span or tunnel arched is usually configured with Mnual or electric roll-up system.
  2. Hot galvanizing framework need to be configured for the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse. The frame of greenhouse is very important, no matter to the multi-span greenhouse or the single span tunnel greenhouse. Most weight of the other system will be attached on the frame, so the quality of frame will influence the stability of the greenhouse in the use of future. Our frame for farming system greenhouse are all made of hot-galvanizing steel tube, pipe, oval pipe and u-steel, connected by hot-galvanizing bolts and self-tapping screws. Its service life can be more than 15 years.
  3. Covering material of glass, PC board or film (PE, PO, EVA). The covering material will influence the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse directly. And its service life will influence the operating cost of the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse.
  4. The shading or insulation system. In summer, the shading system is to reduce the teperature of the farming system greenhouse. In winter, it is the insulation system to preserve the temperature in night. For different type farming system greenhouse, the shading or insulation system is different. Some ar automatic, but some are of manual. For example, the insulation material of multi-span agricultural greenhouse is aluminum foil net, but that of single tunnel greenhouse is quilt.
  5. The irrigation system. The morden irrigation system is not only to supply the water to the plants, its another function is to irrigate the farming system greenhouse scientifically, reasonalbely and economically.
  6. Cooling system of forced-draught fan and cooling pad. In this system, the forced-draught fan will create a negative air pressure in the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse to make the air enter into the greenhouse again through the wet cooling pad on the contrary wall. That will reduce the air temperature in the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse by the water evaporation. And that course can adjust the concentration of CO2 in the greenhouse.
  7. Seeding bed system. For some special purpose of Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse such as the soilless culture, the advanced seeding bed is necessary. Our seeding bed for farming system greenhouse has the the following characters:
  • A job channel of 0.6-0.8m can be planed between any of 2 nursery beds
  • The frame adopted aluminum alloy material, light and durable
  • Its nursery bed net has the device of averting movement, which is galvanizing after the welding.
  • Its covering ratio can be over 80% of the greenhouse ground, that improved the utilization ratio largely.

6. Integrated system of water and fertilizer. This system is composed of the air-proof cultivation groove, device for the intergrated system of water and fertilizer, device for recycling and sterilizing of nutrient solution and the intelligent auto-controlling system. It adopted the most advanced technology of computer, auto-controlling and IOT. Using the rock wool as culture medium, it is designed according the regularity of the water and fertilizer requirement for the planing growth, variety of the growing condition and the situation of stromal humidity and nutrient. It realized the automatic detection, ratio, irrigation and achieve the cyclic utilization of nutrient solution combining the technology of recycling and disinfectant. According the requirement of irrigation, fertilizer and medication preset in the programmable controller by the user, according the growth and condition of plant, by the pressure system, it can integrate the nutrient solution, pesticide and irrigation water, and directly feed the plant regularly, quantitatively, and evenly throught the controllable pipe line and irrigation system, that could realize the cultivation in high output, excellent quality and environmental protection.

7. The other system configured for the special area. In some cold area, for example, the temperature increasing system is required to improve the temperature in Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse, especially in the cold night.

Packaging & Shipping

Various parts of the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse will be packed in different material according its transportation requirement.

Our Services

Service content:

To your inquiry: Your inquiry will be responsed in 12 hours by our professional sales, even that you just want to know something about the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse. All the reply would be responsible and patient.

To your design: Just tell us the size, purpose and your location, one full set design of the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse will be made for your reference, including the Three-dimensional picture and Structure drawing of Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse.

To your order: Once the order confirmed, all the different parts will be arranged to produce in our factories. And the different factories will cooperate with each other strictly to ensure the delivery time and the various parts could fit together perfectly. That is very important to guarantee the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse a most outstanding performance.

To your assembling: You will acquire one full set installation instruction of the Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse in 2 weeks before the shipment reached your port. The instruction can be of CD or paper. In the assembling, the specific technician will help you solve any problem remotely whenever. If necessary, we will send the technician to your assembling site, which is free but the accommodation and transportation should be for your account.

In the service life:

  • Any spare part damaged because of the quality issues, the new replacement will be sent you ASAP. Certainly it is free but the carriage.
  • Any recondion whether to the spare parts or of the covering material we will notice you for the upgrade of your greenhouse.

Company Information

Brief introduction:

As one of the largest professional manufacturer of greenhouse in the north of China, we have been devoted in greenhouse (including Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse) for about 10 years and accompanied the development of Shouguang Vegetable High Technology along the way.

Furnished with more than 10 large and medium sized engineering machineries, owning more than 50 sets of bending machines, pipe bender, necking machine, cutting machines, punchers, shearing machines and welding machines, and the staff trained by professional skills, we have a well-qualified construction team. All those insured the most excellent quality of our Large size agricultural greenhouse greenhouse.

Relying on the local advanced technology and experience of management, according to the various climate of different area, we developed a series of greenhouse suitable to different climatic environment of our country. After the years of development, we built a professional team composed of Senior Expert from facility agriculture field and technicians in the local commercial greenhouse line. We supplied the perfect product and service to our clients by our research to the various types of greenhouse and solutions. Meanwhile, we cooperated with the international greenhouse companies to import the leading technology and products for our clients.

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