IT 757 Iontech alkaline water system, customers electronics home appliance

IT 757 Iontech Alkaline Water System
  • Min. Order 1 Unit/Units
  • FOB Price US $240-300 /Unit

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Port: Taiwan port
Supply Ability: 500 Unit/Units per Month
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Product Description

IT-757 Iontech alkaline water system, customers electronics home appliance

Product Description

Standard model (home model)




Electrolysis Plate Material

Platinum-titanium plate; manufactured by KOBE Steel, Japan

Q’ty of Electrolysis plates

3 plates

5 plates


AC100V / AC220V, 50/60HZ

Power Consumption

Max. 180W

Max. 230W

Inlet Water Pressure

0.9~5.0 kg/cm2

Electrolysis Method

Continuous electrolysis (built-in flow meter)

Water Flow Rate

Ideal water processing: 2 Liters/min. (based on inlet water pressure 1kgf/cm2)
Water flow rate: 3 Liters/min. (based on inlet water pressure 2kgf/cm2)


pH, O.R.P, water flow rate, working status, clean, pure, alkaline, acidity and filter service life


10 second automatic cleansing after each alkaline water use
* manual cleansing option if Alkaline water consumption is below 30 liters

Electrolysis levels

4 Alkaline levels, 1 Neutral level and 2 Acidic levels

pH Adjustment

Each electrolysis level gives 20 segments for pH adjustment
(based on source water quality in different areas)

Filter Material

Activated carbon fiber (ACF), manufactured in USA:

Filter Service Life

Approx. 6,000-12,000 liters (depends on source water quality)

Safety Protection Device

Current protection & Alarm only if drinking Acidic water

Dimension & Weight

Dimension: H 310mm x W 220mm x D 125mm (Approx.)
Weight: 4.0 kgs (Approx.)

pH Value
(based on source water quality)



O.R.P Value
(based on source water quality)

-650mv (Max.)

-850mv (Max.)


7 color LCD display — Attractive & Functional

7 levels of water pH: 4 Alkaline levels, 1 Neutral level and 2 Acidic levels

Automatic cleansing system — No-hassle Design

Automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleansing after each Alkaline water use

Automatically sounds chamber cleansing alarm when Alkaline water production exceeds 30 liters

Chamber cleansing provides double protection: prolongs the service life of electrolysis plates and stabilizes the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) value of the electrolysis process

Multi-functional LCD -- Easy & Convenient

Displays pH, ORP, water flow rate, clean, working status, pure, alkaline, acidity and filter service life.

Adjustable pH value — Quickly Set Qutput for Required Use

According to the water quality in different areas, this adjustment serves 20 segments for each level

Platinum-titanium electrolysis plate & ion membrane — manufactured in Japan

High-tech platinum-titanium electrolysis plate manufactured by KOBE Steel, Japan

Ceramic ion membrane manufactured by Yuasa, Japan, temperature-resistant and non-toxic

Active carbon fiber filter

Industry leading USA manufacturing technique complies with the highest drinking water standards

Higher absorption efficiency than coconut-shell granular carbon, is able to absorb very fine impurities, chemicals, such as chlorine, agriculture pesticides, etc.

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Q:What functions does water ionizer bring?

A:Through electrolysis, ionized water contains rich Alkaline Water-soluble minerals,such as Calcium,Magnesium, Potassium,Sodium and so on.The molecular clusters of Ionized water are broken down from 15 pieces to 6 pieces.

That makes water molecules easier for the human body to Metabolize.

Q:Is underground water suitable for ionization?

A: Generally the underground water is connected with rivers and streams all around.And the water is not tested or Treated by city water works.Heavy metals or chemical pollution is possible,if not probable,Therefore underground water is not adequate for water ionizers.

Q:What’s “good” about drinking Alkaline water?

A: It’s pure, no harmful imperities. It contains small and slightly Alkaline molecules.Small molecules feature high osmosis and high solution capacity. They are easily assimilated by the human body and help the Body to metabolize harmful elements.